Staff Development, Training & Facilitation

I work with you and your team to develop strong sales, operational or financial process and methodologies to compliment your business plan. I work by your side, bringing decades of experience to your business, helping you and your team achieve growth and excellence.

As a fractional executive, I offer strategies with focused goals which are customized to help your team succeed while supplementing your company culture and overall business strategy. Our plans are designed as detailed and proactive roadmaps that improve focus, productivity, and efficiency within your organization. 

Weekly and monthly reviews of all sales related activities and results are mandatory! Once we have agreed on the plan, the timeline and benchmarks associated, I will take on the role of you.  I update and reinforce the weekly goals, analyze data and develop training sessions that achieve an overall winning strategy. Through this execution, I will be driving performance and growth through mentoring, coaching, training and educating to deliver best-in-class outcomes.  

  • Sales Team Training Benefits

    The training content thoroughly addresses core leadership competencies such as assessing the organizational environment, improving worker motivation, setting performance expectations, managing inter-personal and inter- cultural communications, establishing successful team leadership, strategic decision-making, and flawless ethical practices. Courses can be customized to serve your business needs. Some benefits of the Sales Training are:

    • Create structure and accountability for your sales team
    • Set clear objectives that align with your organization
    • Measure results and monitor sales activities
    • Provide transparency to executive management
    • Increased accountability
    • Coach and mentor your sales team
    • Lead weekly sales meetings
    • Assist with contract & proposal development
    • Improve pipeline visibility
    • Develop sales rep’s product knowledge
    • Discover new sales opportunities
  • Meeting Facilitation


    At S3, we conduct a thorough needs-based assessment to determine the  project objectives and desired outcomes. We will work with the business owner to identify stakeholders, craft an agenda, develop ground rules, the meeting goals and purpose. If the outcome is a decision, we will work with you to determine how decisions will be made. If a record of the meeting is necessary we will figure out the best method for establishing the group memory of the event. Our meetings are effective, efficient, get results and are FUN.


    When there are large scale issues that a team or organization needs to discuss and debate or when the old strategic plan is no longer relevant you may want to have a meeting, perhaps off site, to discuss these critical issues. Alternatively, you may serve on a board of directors or a community council where a new roster of board members needs to be integrated with the seasoned members of the board. These meetings can present difficult challenges and often call for an experienced facilitator with patience and insight in human behavior as well as skill in managing group behavior.


    You may be a new manager with some exciting ideas to introduce to your team. Or your team may be having some issues with the change in management style from your predecessor. You may want to charter a new intra-departmental team in an organization that is accustomed to operating in silos. There may be conflict percolating just below the surface. Then again you may just be needing something fresh and new.

    These situations call for careful planning and a facilitator who is experienced, engaging and able to engender trust to encourage the open and honest exchange of information.

    Interested in learning more? If you’re looking for an experienced, high-energy, focused facilitator, call S3 today to see how we can help your organization.

  • Presentation Skills Training

    For those people who have important presentations to make, or need to ramp up an employee quickly, a one-on-one session would be recommended. The intent of these sessions is to fine-tune the message points and presentation to insure that the presenter accomplishes intended goals.  For a group presentation or for a business owner to hone his/her skills for a keynote, video or Board presentation, a longer strategy session would be the better option.  In this 90-minute one-on-one session, the participant receives an analysis of his/her presentation skills. For the novice, this is an important assessment in the areas of delivery style, organization, and audience involvement. For the intermediate and experienced presenter, this is an ideal opportunity to receive objective feedback to fine-tune presentation skills. Participants will learn how to manage anxiety, develop an effective delivery style, manage friendly and hostile questions and learn how to organize their presentation to accomplish their goals.

  • Summary of Tasks You Can Outsource
    • Sales Force Accountability
    • Account Planning
    • Budgetary Planning
    • Sales Force Evaluation
    • Strategic Account Management
    • Analyze Sales Knowledge Base
    • Operational Assessments
    • Sales & Marketing Alignment
    • Sales Process Optimization
    • Sales Strategy Development
    • Funnel Optimization
    • Sales Planning Sessions
    • Lead Generation Strategy
    • Performance Management
    • Monthly & Quarterly Reviews
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