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Kristie Sellers is a Solution Focused Strategist offering weekly and single-session consulting, training, and development sessions. At Sellers Strategic Solutions, we have built our core services to aid business owners in solving issues around team, operations, cash flow, sales and service so to optimize their most precious resource...TIME.

“I am here to help you unlock the possibilities in your business serving your needs as corporate trainer, facilitator, personal consultant, business strategist and fractional executive. For more than 25 years, I have advised people on how to improve their business in the realms of finance, sales, operations, and culture.  A strategic approach to improving the work environment and working relationships, both internally and externally, is critical to achieve one's financial goals and absolutely necessary to improving productivity.  To truly enhance the quality of one's life, personally or professionally, we must focus on what we would like our life to be. It is important to have a corporate vision, mission, value and culture statement and even more important to have everyone in the company to embrace, articulate and deliver those core components.  With my experience in delivering professional services as an advisor, an employee, a board member and a business owner, my goal is to improve cash flow, SYNERGY, operating efficiencies, customer satisfaction and loyalty to generate or sustain growth to help you create an income producing legacy.  I have been called upon to implement vision strategies, strengthen infrastructures, design sales programs, develop cohesive teams and orchestrate buy/sale transactions, for small businesses and mid-sized companies from pre-launch to over $200 million in revenues. Since business is dynamic with ever-changing needs, no doubt you have several challenges facing your business right now. You have likely identified several solutions and are likely to have little time to dedicate toward evaluating or implementing those solutions, much less gain the traction you desire.  When faced with this situation many business owners settle for what it 'is' as opposed to what it 'can be'.
"With me and S3, you can unlock your potential and unleash the power of 1+1=3. Embrace your strengths and overcome the challenges you face, so you can have the business AND life you imagine. Isn’t it time you rediscover what is truly possible with your business?” --Kristie

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Kristie Sellers
Manufacturing Co.

Before working with Kristie, I found excuses for not working ON my business and often felt there was no way to really improve on how I was running my business. Now I not only see that I was missing so many opportunities to leverage the assets in my business but I was also settling for mediocrity by continuing to do things the way I’ve always done them. Kristie has shown me that even the best business owners can gain traction and lift, when they have a strong, capable, advisor who they can trust in their corner.

Manufacturing Co.


After meeting with Kristie, I was able to get hyper-focused on re-defining me and what I want my business to be known for. Kristie has a unique lens through which she sees business, people and the world that inspired me. Her knowledge of business and ability to get right to the heart of the issue is refreshing and comforting. I know exactly what to expect from our strategy sessions – Pure Brilliance every time!


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