Fractional Executive & Strategy Sessions

Choosing the best strategic advisor is a matter of assuring exceptional chemistry between the business owner and the advisor. During our initial co-discovery call, we will be able to determine, together, how well matched we are in terms of our vision, expectation, communication style and connectivity.  You will find me to be a warm, welcoming, creative collaborator who fosters an open exchange of ideas, and creates a dynamic, up-tempo working environment that results in leaders being able to enhance their positive impact. My many years auditing underwriting, analyzing and evaluating businesses makes me uniquely qualified to identify opportunities to improve performance and execute against a strategic action plan to drive results.   I value honesty, transparency, and integrity, and my clients can expect to be treated with respect, enthusiasm, and fairness. My unique approach will help you rediscover your purpose, unlock the possibilities, explore the options and take action.

  • Increase Productivity

    In order to make you more efficient, I take things off your to do list and put them on mine.  Because I am intently focused on executing the tasks and can do so without interruption, I am able to make traction at a faster pace.  In this way, we are able to achieve the 1 + 1 = 3 synergy equation.

  • Improve Business Health

    By adding me as a fractional executive and strategic advisor, I am able to make adjustments in your business environment, with the team and within the processes to improve the business’ financial and operational health as well as the team morale and corporate culture.

  • Improve Sales Performance

    With me at your side, I will focus on the team and work toward an improved sales process by refining or redefining the strategy, communication and accountability of the goal.  Through focused planning and a proactive performance plan, we will develop enthusiastic sales people who are excited about making a greater impact and driving their own results to achieve the overall team goal and company strategic initiatives.

  • Increase Value and Access to Resources

    The fractional executive can also bring a higher level of sophistication to the financial issues your business faces. Additionally, having the right strategic advisor can translate into having priority access to many experts capable of assisting your business, helping it become more successful, more profitable, more effective and more personally rewarding.  Any business owner facing time or resource constraints cannot afford to ignore this solution. 

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