Strategy Sessions

If you want to run your business with less stress, more joy, and more money, I can help.  And the best part is that with an objective, outside perspective built on nearly 30 years of experience, it isn’t complicated.  It just requires taking action.

If your business is too dependent on you, then you have a job in your business If you are serious about creating an incredible company culture and customer experience that provides consistent profitability, then give me a call to get started. I am dedicated to helping you simplify today’s challenges, solve them and build a high performance environment that contributes to your stakeholders, your customers, and most importantly, your quality of life.

  • One-on-One Advice

    Sometimes you are faced with a challenge that needs an immediate and swift answer.  You may have already sought advice and want a second opinion.  You have several options depending on the level of need and your desired form of communication.  The Strategic Advice (SA) service is an email consult where you provide the background information and ask a series of questions.  I will provide feedback and answers to those questions, based upon my experience, research and intuition within 24 business hours.  Some business owners or executives need a more interactive consult and may opt for the phone consult or Strategic Basic (SB) service that includes the SA service plus a phone call to discuss further and in more detail.  Then there is the Strategic Consult (SC) where the conversation is more structured and focused more on a set of challenges as opposed to an issue specific.  This conversation can be on the phone or virtual.

  • In-Person (Office) Consult

    The Strategic Deploy (SD) and the Strategic Employ (SE) are both in person strategy sessions.  The Strategic Deploy consult is usually held at my office so the business owner has a chance to detach from the distractions at work.  The SD service concentrates on addressing the issues, challenges and goals of the business and developing a game plan for you to attack, overcome and achieve those items, week over week at your own pace.  This service is for the business owner who needs the intentional time to think about the business, take advantage of the outside, Board perspective, gain clarity on the goals and action items, be encouraged and held accountable to working ON the business over the next week as he/she is deployed back into the business. This service is for the business owner who has a team that adequately supports the business’ current growth requirements.

  • In-Person (In Your Business) Consult

    The Strategic Employ (SE) consult takes place at your business so that I can be utilized In the business to help you work on the business.  I may be called upon to provide sales training or facilitation or be assigned other duties.  This service requires that we hold our strategy session for at least one hour per week or two hours bi-weekly and the balance of the time can be divided as the business owner or the business’ strategic initiative dictates.  The duties performed during these hours can change as necessary to the direct benefit of the owner…no task too small, no job too great as all actions that propel the business forward is a worthy task.

  • Your Job Outsourced

    It should be noted that often as a result of the SE assignment, the need for a longer-term service arises.  For example, the business owner is swamped and has a big presentation coming up yet the sales force still needs to be managed as the Sales Manager recently resigned.  The business owner can’t do both effectively so me and S3 step in to assist.  The business owner is relieved and can focus on the presentation without stress.  Now able to resume the responsibilities of the Sales Manager, the business owner decides that is not the highest and best use of time. Furthermore, the role doesn’t really warrant 40 hours to do what is necessary and doesn’t justify paying for 40 hours when only about 10 hours are needed.  This is where the Strategic Fractional Executive (SF) service would be the best solution.

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