A business is started for many reasons. Some people begin their journey as a pursuit of passion.  Some people begin out of the love of a hobby or craft.  Some people get their start as a result of walking in a family member’s foot steps, voluntarily or not, while others get their start as a result of need or struggle.  However we business owners get here, one thing is the same for us all…we want to be known for ‘something’.  WE want to be known and we want our BUSINESS to be known for something specific.  It is our purpose and the differentiator.  Our WHY…and our HOW.

NEW YORK timelapse from dimid on Vimeo.

These are not new concepts but very hard to articulate and even harder to demonstrate in a way that the general public will not only absorb in a few seconds but will also relate to just as quickly.  It is the combination of these two elements…the why and the how that you and your business are different from the rest, combined with way you communicate those things to the audience you want, that determines if your company will attract and retain customers–particularly for the long term.

Every business owner needs to revisit these critical pieces of their unique selling proposition and perform an analysis on their marketing strategy to ensure the content and media usage are in alignment with their message and market.  If you want to build something great, be known for something great, you must start with a great message and build around that.  If you want to discuss this topic further to see how your purpose, your differentiators, your why and how are aligned to your vision, mission and message, please contact me today for a strategy consultation.

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